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The increase of concentration of security industry consumer market demand
Date:2016/9/7 15:32:49     Author:    visits   Read Guo Benwen

With the growth of the national economy, the security industry in the "fifteen" period began to grow rapidly, the compound annual growth rate has been close to 30%. The security industry market size increased from 140 billion yuan in 2007 to 388 billion 200 million yuan in 2013, China's security industry has achieved rapid development; from 2007 to 2013, the industry compound growth rate reached 15.68%, the trend is accelerating the development of the security industry.

At present, most security companies will look to the industry norms, and said the security industry, the lack of industry norms, the market is relatively chaotic, has greatly affected the development of the security industry. But at this stage, it is very difficult to fully regulate the industry, will face the problem is very complex. From a policy oriented perspective, the Third Plenary Session pointed out the direction of the security industry, the safe city has risen to the level of peace in china. Security products will be more than just video surveillance products, system level products will become the main direction of the future.

From the profit level, the security company's gross margin is much higher than other electronic and information technology companies,, Da Hua's gross profit margin far ahead of the electronic and information technology industry average. China's security industry from scratch, after decades of development has formed a certain scale. In the promotion of the global economic integration, the industry will inevitably appear among the leading enterprises of different products, industry concentration will continue to improve.

Promote the use of multiple factors civilian needs and market demand in the safe city construction, security industry, security industry is expected in the next 5 years the market demand will be respectively showed different growth rate of 20%-80%, the overall annual growth rate will remain at around 20%.

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